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e-cruiser Flyer

2020 model

Our goal were to create a multipurpose bicycle as a perfect transport. Flyer is a cruiser with a smart electric assistant. Your ride will be fast and relaxing at the same time. 

Electric engine on Flyer is energy efficient  and has the high capacity battery. It allows you to travel on the disctance up to 100 km.

In 2020 we will introduce the ultimate version of the Flyer. Sing up up to get the News first. to get the news first.


The first prototype. More photos is on the way!


Flyer is designed for every day use. The geometry and componets of the bike are perfect for city riding.

First of all, let's talk about smoothness of the ride. It bases on the fork and tires. Flyer's fork is a modified girder with a double-fishbone mechanism and custom shock (spring + oil). Tires are reducing vibrations too (26"х2.80").

Another impotant parts are engine and transmission. On the final prototype we will install a mid-drive engine with asisstant mode and torque sensor. Engine is producing more power when you are getting difficulties riding uphill by reading sensors siglans. The power goes from engine to rear internal gear hub by belt-drive system. Rear hub has 8-speeds.


Of course we paid a lot of attention to other components and accessories -  comforting brand seat, front and rear lights for safety, fenders. Later we'll introduse the special carrier.

In Dec 2019, we will share more details and specs of the bike. Please subsribe at the end of the page.

About the design process

We've started the "Flyer" project in the beginning of 2019 by creating a concept and sketches. Afterwards we produced several prototypes with different parts and systems to choose the best one. We are working on the final version of the Flyer and soon be able to tell you more about the price, payment and delivery terms and conditions, post sale service etc. Please subscribe and follow the news!

Project readyness

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